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Monday, May 11, 2009

New desk = new motivation to sit in my chair

After looking for about 8 months for a new computer desk/workstation, I finally bought one yesterday. And I love it!


That's a picture from OfficeMax, not my home office. My computer is too big to fit under the desk, but I used that space for the printer, and now my computer is actually more accessible to me for plugging in various USB cords.

I had to tear myself away from the computer last night as I kept admiring my pristine workspace. My two microphones have lovely little homes, each under one of the small speaker shelves.

I also bought a new file cart to keep myself organized. I guess I won't be able to use "I lost the script" as an excuse anymore when I get behind on lines for other people...

Anyway! Just another reason for me to be glad I have an excuse to sit at my desk tonight, doing the 1 hour Wolf & Dulci radio show.


biz said...

"My computer is too big to fit under the desk..."


Dulci said...

Facts are facts :P

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