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Monday, April 6, 2009

Listen live tonight - iclone radio

I'm pretty excited that tonight launches The Wolf & Dulci Hour.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to discuss this on the Ken & Roger show. Unplanned, Wolf & I both had chosen that interview to announce to each other a segment for the show that would appropriately put the other person on the spot.

What did I spring on him? Stump The Wolf! Simply send an audio or text version of your question to and I will GLADLY share that question with him live on the air to see if he can answer it without any advance preparation. Diabolical, ain't it?

What did he spring on me? Hrmph. He's more diabolical than I am, and I guess you'll just have to catch the show or hope he posts his evil plan somewhere. I'm certainly not going to encourage it!

To listen tonight (the show starts at 9pm CST) go to the TMOA website at the appropriate time and click either the link to "Listen to 64k" or "Listen to 32k". You'll need the current version of Windows Media Player. I'll be sure to let you know when the download is available as well.

Wish me luck...or something.


afterThought said...

Break a leg... or a mic! :)

BiggsTrek said...

Listened, chatted and enjoyed. Well done!

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