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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming Home by Lizard - Recommended Viewing

Lizard has created something absolutely beautiful. His movie Coming Home utilizes a luscious soundtrack, captivating visuals, a thought-provoking script, and smooth directing to gift us with a truly memorable viewing experience.

Lizard used iclone3.2 to bring his vision to life.

Sol Lindstrom is alone. He has lost the one thing that he looks forward to coming home to every day... his sweet Alyssa. Where his life once felt as though it had purpose he now finds it a series of agonizing events that sometimes feels all too much to deal with. Memories seem to now haunt his every day life as his mind races with the heartfelt questions of where he went wrong and how she could up and walk away from a love that was to last forever.

This film does contain mature content and because so, has been given an 18+ rating on this site. Please take this into consideration when viewing this film.


BiggsTrek said...

100% agree! Brilliant film.

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