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Sunday, April 5, 2009

iclone Radio - The Wolf & Dulci Hour on Mondays

We are pleased to announce that the weekly spot of The Wolf & Dulci Hour will be airing Monday nights at 10EST, 9CST. The show is generously being hosted by TMOA Radio. (Thanks Ken!)

Downloads of the show will be available, but we sure hope you decide to listen live to our frivolity, and perhaps join in on the fun - if you have Skype, there will be occasions for callers to join us on the air.

We hope you can tune in. TMOA RADIO STATION HERE

Also, today on the Roger & Ken show at approximately 4PM CST, Wolf & I will be hopping on the air to discuss the new show.


Killian said...

I'll be there; go Dulce! Go Wol-uf! :)

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