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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Screenshots of I Will Not Speak of It

One of the projects I've been working on is nearing completion.

It started off being crafted for one competition under the name "The Thingie." But once I really dug into the script and started filming it in iclone3, well, it took on a mind of its own. It's now entitled "I Will Not Speak of It" and in a strange twist of fate ended up fitting an entirely different competition (the Distance competition).

I'm in the final touch stages of production and hopefully this will be part of the SL screening being organized by thebiz that's scheduled for the early part of December.

I've been enjoying fine-tuning the lighting and shadows in iclone, and since this movie will be short (only around 4 minutes)it's given me more time to tweak those details.




Matt Kelland said...

Those are looking good - any idea when it'll be done?

Dulci said...


I need to have it submitted to thebiz by this Saturday if I want it showed at his SL event next Saturday (December 6th). After the 6th I'll be uploading it online.

sisch said...

Oooh looking good, Dulci!
I wish I could be at the SL event, but it doesn't look like I will be able to...

Ricky Grove said...

I like the new title very much. Shots look interesting. Good luck with the polishing. Looking forward to seeing it.

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