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Sunday, November 23, 2008

iclone Training

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join in on an iclone3 training session run by James Martin. Boy oh boy, was that worth every minute of my time!

Covered areas were some great camera & lighting techniques, as well as some helpful tips on using the timeline.

I've been leaning on James' iclone training videos & written tutorials lately as I've tried to expand my knowledge of iclone, and the session yesterday was a marvelous jumpstart.

Between his tips, the great group and resources at, the ever-patient Rainman, and the option of additional sessions with James, I'll have no excuses to not create something interesting with iclone.

My brain is moving & grooving with ideas. I have 4 projects in process right now (I can't help it, my muse is very demanding!). I am hoping to have one ready for thebiz's TMU in SL premier night. That will be a first for our group, so I want to support it if I can.


Ricky Grove said...

Glad to hear that you are so excited about making movies with iClone. James is the best. I'm hoping his training sessions will become more widely known. Good luck!

Overman said...

Very cool, Dulci! James really knows his stuff, and loves sharing his knowledge. I look forward to seeing what you do with iClone.

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