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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dudeo & The Valleygirl Teaser

I'm thrilled to pieces! Vesobe has graciously shared all of his Dudeo & The Valleygirl radioplay files with me and given me permission to bring this drama to virtual life!

In case the title isn't obvious, it's a parody of Romeo & Juliet.

Here's a small teaser I put together. The teaser features some great acting by TheMGMKid, and the full movie has a tremendously talented cast.

I know that everyone else involved would love to read your feedback, and as they are all too lazy to check out my blog (slackers!) it would be great if you could leave some comments with the video on TMU.

To really delve deeply into this project using iclone3, I'm going to have to investigate animations - right now I only have the default ones that came with the software, and a few from the promo for the Backstage feature (like sit down, walk with horse, etc.). I also need something pink for Valleygirl to wear. Oh! And leather clothes for one of the gangs.

A fun project! Wish me luck!


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