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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IC Warehouse is Launched

This was announced yesterday by Lizard:

Hello one and all! After a few months in the making, I am pleased to provide to the iClone users community.....

IC Warehouse is a free site that provides materials shared by the members of the iClone community. A lot of time and effort goes into making films. Much of it is spent on set design and the creation of materials. Wouldn't it be nice if maybe half the things we needed had already been created by other iClone users that we could just drop in our projects freeing up more time to film? Or, have you created something that you just know other people could use but not sure how to go about sharing it? This is what ICWarehouse is about. It isn't another forum for people to come and visit. We have plenty of great communities for that kind of thing. This is a simple structured file sharing location to browse and hopefully share community creations. The site depends on the contributions of the community for growth and we hope to see the wonderful creations you provide.

Our site is also committed to learning iClone by offering tutorials on various subjects from topics within the program to uses of outside sources such as graphic programs, Google Sketchup, DAZ and so on. Over time we hope to add a library of easy to follow tutorials for our members so that they can create their own materials and objects to share. If you think you want to share your knowledge with the iClone community, we welcome your thoughts and will gladly add your contributions to the articles.

So, feel free to check it out at There are almost 1300 files there at the moment but we hope to grow every day. We hope that you can put it to good use. Enjoy your stay.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but - no contents preview, no sign-up...

Dulci said...

I'm not sure I follow - "Create an Account" is on the first page underneath Login. Once you are logged in, the download content is visible.

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