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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Episode 2 - "The Mod" - Machinima vs Anymation

Info and Credits

Episode 2 - "The Mod"

Actors Information Credits

Anymation Character
by The Biz

Machinima Character
by Killian

A look at the ever changing roles machinima and anymation characters are forced to play. This screenplay was written by Dulci and animated by WarLord.

Machinima Versus Anymation is an on going series of spoofs directed at machinima and home animation in general. Conceived by M.D. McCallum (WarLord) and assisted by Dulci in screenwriting and production this series hopes to play on the good and bad of home animation and its sometimes fanatical filmmakers.

The producers of this short anymation are very pleased to have two very talented voice actors from the TMUnderground community to kick off this series and wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to Killian and The Biz for their fine efforts.

Special Thanks to Machinima Uber Filmmaker Tom Jantol for coining the term "Anymation"!

Producer and Casting

Screenplay by

Music by
Donnie Christensen
Masters of Mario

Animation, Editing and Direction
by WarLord


Anonymous said...

Hi! New iClone blog...

Dulci said...

Very nice blog! I'm recommending it to Machinifeed as well

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