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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Machinimators Who....

Well, I don't have a decade of experience under my belt, but seeing the lists popping up all over the place with the "best of" the decade this and the "best of" the decade that, I've decided to do a retrospective look.

I sat down and tried to compile a list of the top 10 machinima movies over the last 5 years (as far back as my personal experience goes). However, as I started to compile my list, I realized I was more interested in listing the top 10 machinimators over the last 5 years. As I started contemplating my choices, I decided that proclaiming a "TOP 10 MACHINIMATORS" list would only cause hurt feelings and stir up competitiveness (as it seems "TOP" lists so often do).

What does this all mean? Well, I've decided to put together a tribute movie to the Top 10 Machinimators Who Have Influenced Dulci Over the Last 5 Years. It's a very specific list, and comes with several disclaimers attached - people who aren't included in my final list are in no way not fantastic moviemakers in their own right. I'm soul-searching for the moments over the last 5 years when I have been significantly influenced by another person and have carried a piece of that inspiration with me throughout my work going forward. This tribute will be my way of saying thank you, and also a way for me to document my machinima adventure.

I had initially hoped to have something put together as 2010 launched, but I don't want to rush this project. So watch this space and eventually the tribute will appear.


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