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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Casting Call - Birth of the Black Widow

I finally got my wish and have the perfect voiceactress cast in the crucial role of the Black Widow's mother. Your socks are gonna be knocked off by Anim8tor Cathy.

Which brings me to the next level (finally)....finalizing the script and getting the rest of the cast in place.

Naturally, I need some victims (these names are subject to change, and the sample lines aren't actually in the script). While the number of lines in each role is relatively small (1-5 lines or so), the roles are of course imperative to the plot. What would the Black Widow be without a trail of corpses behind her?

Timmy - This is the toughest one, as Timmy is around 17 years old. However, I need the actor who plays him to be at least 21 (this is due to my own paranoia, etc. etc. that I'm not going to bother going into).
Sample Line (inexperienced, young) - "I was nervous too."

Jerry (very sincere) - Early 20's. Sample Line - "I can't imagine anything better!"

Ricky (cocky) - Over 25. Sample Line - "Hey baby, come here often?"

Auditions can be sent to If you've been in one of my past movies, an audition isn't necessary - please just let me know via email that you are interested in participating, whether in one of these specific roles or as a misc. victim.

Never saw the original and have no idea that I'm talking about?


Cathy said...

I am honored and so totally stoked over this role. Thank you Dulci!

BiggsTrek said...

Any accent preferences?

Dulci said...

Any accent would work fine

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