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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roles, roles, and roles!

It always seems to be the case - I do various voiceovers for people over a period of a few months, and no matter how I try to space them out, they all seem to be released around the same time. This past month has certainly validated my theory, as - prepare for Dulci overload - 5 of the movies I've acted in have recently been released....

The Only Alien on the Planet by Bella (me as Mrs. Tibbs)

Seventeen year old Virginia Christianson, aka Ginny, moves to a new home with her parents shortly after her older brother, Paul, moves out for college. It is there that she meets Caulder, her next door neighbor and classmate. Together they team up to solve the mystery of Smitty Tibbs. The boy who never speaks, never cries, never reacts to anyone. But soon Ginny realizes that the closer they get to Smitty, the more harm than good they seem to do to him.

Thy Neighbor by Overman (me as Girl)

A girl's tranquil evening is interrupted by her neighbor.

Darren by ChatNoir (me as Mom)

A surreal experience. This will be an entry for Filminute 2009 - a festival for one-minute movies of all kinds.

Donate Here by JosephKW (me as Miss Lifeless)

Another entry to the International Filminute (one-minute film) contest. And, interestingly enough, another surreal experience.

Odyssey Episode 5 by Killian (me as Commander Melissa Forbes)

An expedition unearths Ancient ruins on the unexplored world of Calypso; Ryan meets an old flame, Frost has an unpleasant encounter with something unknown, and the Odyssey crew discovers the first inklings that something dangerous is lurking out amongst the stars…

Please support these excellent directors by letting them know what you think of their movies - I enjoyed working with each of them. Each has a unique style that made the experiences educational for me.


Cathy said...

I thought you were great in all of these - but particularly in Killian's you captured a very different tone of character. I like it very much!

Chat Noir said...

What a busy actor you are! The first movie I watched from you was with subtitles and no voice over. Now, you've become one of the most sought after voice over actors in machinima! But what’s more, I think you really grew as an actor over time. Loved your performance in Sonya's movie (and of course in Darren, which really surprised me in spite of all our great anticipations).

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