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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The One Where We Let Loose Our Inner Geeks

The July 13 Wolf & Dulci Hour is now available for download here.

This week we boldly go where no icloner has gone before. We use the force. And contemplate the ramifications of 1.21 gigawatts. You guessed it - it's our Wolf & Dulci Sci Fi Special!

And as the icing on the cake to this very special show, listeners & downloaders alike have to let their inner geeks out in order to get this week's freebie content - a nifty sci fi prop sure to make you drool for fantastical adventures.

Listen to Wolf explain to me the nuances of creating a realistic looking starfield. And was he stumped this week? One of our most exciting Stump The Wolf segments yet - I could practically hear our chatroom listeners scribbling away in their notebooks as he spoke.

If this has your tastebuds watering for some sci fi fun, check out these iClone flicks:

Robot Racers Promo
by christy0 and mrjrm
The Lazarus 8 mini-series by Raven2Angel
Ghost in the Machine by Raven2Angel
The War of the Worlds by Chris62
Soulking by Peter Martin
Coming Home by Lizard3209
Stowaways by VectisEthaniel
Star Wars the iClone Version by animatechnica


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