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Friday, July 17, 2009


I want to start working on the latest competition from Reallusion - the Costume Design Competition.

I bought the G3 CloneCloth for both men and women when they first came out, installed them, looked at them in iClone, and haven't fiddled with them since. Today when I went into iClone to see what I could figure out, the clothed avatars for G3 CloneCloth are there but the CloneCloth models have vanished. Vanished! I reinstalled the men's version, and now the CloneCloth models are there but unusable - invalid avatar file error.

Needless to say I'm aggravated. Not to the point where I'm going to start ranting and raving, but I was gearing up to learn something that's been a challenge for me. I haven't even got remedial CloneCloth skills down yet. Now I have to waste that brain energy to figure out how to get the content back in, and by the time I'm done doing that, I know I'm not going to want to work on any projects.

So, Alas!


BiggsTrek said...

Major bummer, Dulci. :( Time to ask Peter E. or contact the 'help' people in Reallusion, methinks.

Dulci said...

Oops! Turns out it was all my own mistakes. I thought the G3 CloneCloth templates would appear the same way the G2 ones do. And apparently I imagined seeing them that way when I first downloaded the G3 CloneCloth.

Everything is working fine - it was all user stupidity.

afterThought said...

Don't feel bad - I think a few people had that same reaction. :) I often wonder why they changed it in the first place. I've had to painstakingly go through them all to re-save the G3 templates like the G2 cloth.

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