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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wolf & Dulci Show - May 4 - iClone Radio

This Monday Lizard will be joining us live on-air to chat about Coming Home and, in a continuation of our "I bought iClone, now what?" series, will be discussing how to get Daz/Poser content into iClone.

Plus! Exclusive Wolf & Dulci iClone content, as long as you listen live or download the show so you can email Wolf the super duper top secret pass code phrase.

And,as always, general frivolity.

Monday - 9pm-10pm CST
Listen live here

Past episodes can be downloaded here.


afterThought said...

This should be a good segment - I keep hearing about Daz and Poser but really don't know the workflow to iClone or what the benefits are of using those products.

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