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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wolf & Dulci Week 4 - Tomorrow Night!

The show airs live Monday nights from 9pm-10pm CST. It can be listened to (or past episodes downloaded) here.

Live listeners in the chatroom will receive an exclusive parking lot freebie. Listeners not in the chatroom are welcome to Skype me (Dulcilicious) during the show for their link once we announce the content is available. If you download Week 4 after it's available, listen for the download code to email to Wolf for your copy of the freebie.

The hot topic of tomorrow night's show is "I bought iclone - now what?". We will delve into how to get content into iclone so you can start making movies!

This is in addition to our usual banter, and my favorite segment, Stump The Wolf!

As always, Stump the Wolf questions and audio commercials can be submitted to

Hope you enjoy the show!


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