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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Germantican

May 22, 2006 was the release date of The Germantican by Sleeves. I had the honor of working with one of my favorite directors and one of the most talented voice actors I've had the pleasure of listening to. To top it all off, he's an excellent musician as well. This movie incorporated all of his talents into one creamy, dreamy movie.

Born in Antartica of a German father and Mexican mother, the Germantican has been taught a very special song by his parents. A song that will help him find his true love. The only problem? The song itself repulses everyone who hears it. Even Ellie, the woman he has fallen in love with, gets sick listening to it. Will The Germantican's song finally win Ellie over? Or will he have to go searching elsewhere for the love his life?


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