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Monday, December 22, 2008

Why do I make movies?

Why do I make movies? First and foremost, it’s because I have fun doing it. I never thought when I posted my first movie that anyone would ever watch it. I thought – hehe! Look what I did! I felt like a little kid who had figured out a new trick and wanted to impress herself with it over and over again.

From there, I began to look at the movies other people had made. There was (and still is) A LOT to be impressed by. I found that very inspiring. I realized I had stories to tell. I have always been a writer - I just never thought I’d have an outlet to lift those stories off of paper and into something visual.

My abstract movies really appeal to me because I remember trying to paint or sculpt. I would have a definite idea in mind and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the tools to cooperate. With machinima, I have so many options and opportunities to see my inner vision come to fruition. Each and every movie I finish leaves me with a sense of completion. That is a feeling that is beyond measure.

Nowadays, when I find myself looking around and realizing to no little astonishment that over the years I have been blessed with a growing audience, a large part of the enjoyment I receive is in seeing comments about how my work has touched someone. Hearing from someone that I managed to tug at an emotion they haven’t felt in a while, or that a forgotten memory had been brought to the fore for them, is astounding. Reading that I made someone think and reflect is truly inspiring to me, and keeps me energized. I never know which movies will reach which people, but it seems that I always speak to someone on some level. That leaves me gazing in the mirror with no small amount of awe wondering…what brought me to this place? I am honored that anyone takes 5 or 10 minutes of their time to click play on one of my movies.

Some of my movies have multiple actors, some just me narrating, and others no voices at all. When other actors volunteer for my projects, I am again so flattered and grateful that they like my script enough and trust me enough to be willing to participate in the production.

The assistance I have been given over the years from actors, musicians, technology gurus, supportive fans – none of these were the reason I delved into machinima, but they are a significant factor for my continuation.


Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

I think finding an audience is such an important part of the energy needed to keep going. Listening to the women in Machinima panel discussion on overcast this week made me evaluate this thought again. I think it is is an additional challenge and achievement to find that viewer base, without an established game playing group already interested in a particular engine. This isn't necessarily a gender issue of course. Enjoying your blog Dulci! -Kate

Dulci said...

Listening to the Women in Machinima panel discussion again is actually what motivated this post. Well, that and all the discussion lately about the heavyhitting writers coming to

I've been fortunate enough to have been involved with a community that isn't interested in a particular game or engine, but instead is interested in movie-making as a process and means of storytelling. You're welcome of course to introduce yourself and chat with that group anytime you like!

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