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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Voting for the Pinhead Competition

You can vote for the Pinhead Get a Job Competition HERE (Click on the The GPA'S Tab)

There is a 2D and a 3D Category, and the films can be viewed before voting by going HERE and selecting the View Clips tab.

These are the categories:

* Best Technical Achievment -Editing and effects.
* Best Facial expressions/gestures - What clips could really convay what was on Pinhead's and other charactor's minds. There may have been head or hand movements that added extra flare.
* Best Sound and Music- Did it bring the story to life, when the door slammed just right, or the sound of keys jingled just so...Did the musc fit the story, invoke emotion, or move you in anyway?
* Best Screenplay (story) - Who had the best story?
* Best Picture (Best Overall) - What took the gold in all of the above. Your absolute Favorite.

I know not everyone wants to download clips as it is set up on the Pinhead site, so I've done what I can to provide some links to the 3D movies (please note I couldn't find all of the clips in other places, so you'll still have to watch some directly through the Pinhead site):

There is a Pinhead Channel on TMU - all the Pinhead movies for this contest uploaded to TMU are in this channel:
Pinhead Get a Job contest entries
Pinhead Get a Job
Status: Public Channel

Pinhead movies on Youtube:

Jest a Job
Quest to Find a Job
The Pinhead Haunting Story


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