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Thursday, April 15, 2010

iClone Sci Fi Contest - Getting Started

Reallusion has announced the launch of the 2nd Annual iClone Filmmaking Competition. This year's theme, as anticipated, is science fiction. The deadline for entries is July 4, 2010.

Here are the rules straight from the Reallusion site:

Qualifications & Requirements
To submit, all participants should register as a Reallusion member and submit the video via the Submission Form by midnight, Pacific time on 07/04/2010

•Participants must use iClone in the creation of their movie

– You don't have iClone? Then you may acquire a free iClone EX version here.

•Participants must fill out the Submission Form with their movie title, movie desciption, movie credits, contact information and URL link to their uploaded video on

•Entrants may submit up to (3) movies for award consideration

•Winners will be posted on the Sci-Fi Movie Competition's official forum page and notified through e-mail

Technical Requirements
•1 video link uploaded on

(Video size is not limited, but good YouTube video quality is encouraged. The video name title must begin with the text “iClone Sci-Fi”)

•Movie length: Minimum of 2 minutes ~ 10 minutes (longer videos are acceptable)

•Submitted videos MUST be about Science Fiction (please refer to the genre below)

•Submitted videos may incorporate footage from other video games or commercial clips for a media mash-up but the submission would need to have at least 40% iClone generated footage inside

•Video entries may be submitted in any language but they must have English voice dubs or subtitles for worldwide viewing and appreciation. Take note that this is an international competition

AND the prizes:

Best Picture
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 720 Projector
Valued $ 999.95

Best picture will be awarded to the most inspiring cinematic film portraying a believable plot on where humanity will be in the future.

Think of a film deserving to be played on the big screen. Films that swing away from contemporary Sci-Fi cliches are a plus.

Best Movie Tribute
Sony α330 DSLR Camera and Lenses
Valued $ 749.95

Best Movie Tribute shall go to the entry that portrays the best fan film of all. Criteria shall be based on attention to detail and faithfulness to the genre.

Think of capturing the essence of your tribute all while portraying your own spin to the original storyline.

Best Mashup
PlayStation®3 250GB system
Valued $ 349.95

The Best Mashup Award shall be handed to the entry that brings the best compilation of video game footage, external media footage or any other source into their film.

Think of good editing, a well thought-out story plot and high quality captured footage.

Best Screenplay
PhotoBasics' Green Screen Video Kit + Reallusion popVideo Converter 2.0
Valued $ 394.95

Best Screenplay category shall be awarded to the film that portrays the best story script with great scenes, camera angles and direction. Seeing a character do something is far more powerful than having him/her say it.

Think of Scorcese, Kubrick, and the Coen Brothers when creating your film.

Best Super Hero Character
Magix Video PRO X2
Valued $ 299.99

The Best Super Hero Award will be given to the film with the best original Super Hero. Who would be everyone's favorite super hero?

Think in terms of creativity and originality. Think Heroes. Make a list of what we all want to be, and give it a body.

Coolest Robot Style
Magix Video PRO X2
Valued $ 299.99

The Coolest Robot Style shall be awarded to the film that introduces the best original Robot character. Remember how we all soiled ourselves when we first saw RoboCop, Ripley's power loader and the Terminator.

Think in terms of a good design, practicability and overall awesomeness!

Most Creative Alien
PhotoBasics Green Screen Video Kit + Reallusion popVideo Converter 2.0
Valued $ 394.95

This category will be awarded to the film that introduces the most creative Alien character with personality.

Think of a species that has successfully evolved into something aesthetical and logical. Random concoctions will lose points.

Best Outer Space Scene
Magix Video PRO X2
Valued $ 299.99

The Best Space Science award shall be presented to the most realistic presentation of an outer space environment and hard science.

Think of Hubble Space Telescope images, physics, your high-school science teacher (well maybe not) and utmost realism.

Best Visual FX
Digital Juice Motion Design Element Collection
Valued $ 499.70

Visual FX category is for the film that crafts the most unique shots and scenes with incredible special effects with stunning and awe inspiring visual esthetics.

Think of depth of field effects, force fields, plasma particles, explosions, optical effects and lens flares.

Best Sound FX
Partners In Rhyme Sci-Fi & Scary
Sound Effects Pack
Valued $ 130

This award goes to the film who crafted and legally acquired the perfect balance of sound effects and music.

Think of great movie themes, well-done Doppler effects and surround sounds.

Associated sites:

Be sure to check out the following sites as not only are they friends with Reallusion, but they will also be hosting special iClone give-away contests:

FanBoy Theater
Fan Film Follies
Internet Video Magazine
Sci-Fi Movie Page

Content Sources

Those are just some of my favorites - there's plenty more out there!

More info to follow, as I will be watching (and entering!) this contest closely. If I don't come up with something better, I'll probably enter The Day We All Turned Into Aliens - Hour 1.


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