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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top 10 Favorites of 2009

In no particular order, my top 10 favorites of 2009. I have purposefully not included any movies I participated in.

TheBiz's House of Horror from thebiz on Vimeo.

TheBiz's House of Horror

I am a huge fan of TheBiz's surrealistic style, and his work thus far in iClone has been impressive. This is a very fun/creepy walk through a house of horror.

JosephKW's The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Joseph is an extremely talented individual, and his work with The Movies is inspiring. This creepy flick is an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's story.

Kate Lee's The Afflicted
Sisch remade Kate Lee's The Afflicted, and the combination of Kate Lee's exceptional script-writing talent and Sisch's profound moviemaking talent make this MovieStorm flick a must-see.

Afterthought's Pinhead in the ****

Afterthought stormed into iClone with a top-notch production. She is on my list of hot newcomers to keep an eye on!

Lizard's Coming Home

Lizard's first movie with iClone and I found his opening scene in particular masterful.

Pookahsell's November Pilot

A thought-provoking movie with an exceptional voiceover cast. Another example of the possibilities still open using The Movies & the great work the modding community is still doing.

Nukester's Temporary Night

Over a year in the making! This production made with The Movies features custom music by Nukester, sung by the delightful Sisch.

Hardycapo's Chanel Untold

Using MovieStorm and a terrific cast, Hardycapo brings to life a bit of Coca Chanel's life.

anonymous (Part 1) from Jorge on Vimeo.

Anonymous by Jorge

This dramatic piece really stands out to me, in particular the character played by Jase180 and his relationship with his daughter.

O CHAMAMENTO PANFFARRÓNICO - The Panffarrounic call 3D by MiGorjao

Using iClone this movie presents a fanciful world. It's a charming piece!


thebiz said...

A fine list (myself omitted of course). Realized I have yet to visit Chanel Untold. A weekend viewing me thinks.

Anonymous said...

A great list (including one I missed). Thanks for the kind words as well! ~JosephKw

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