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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's all about shapes!

I can't believe I never downloaded the free Google Sketchup program until today.

Sure, I've been browsing through the Google 3d Warehouse since I bought iClone last year, and importing many of those models into iClone via 3DXchange. However, I never gave serious thought to trying my hand at the program.

The primary reason being, I've never been talented at drawing. Without a ruler, I can't even draw a straight line. I actually hold pencils & scissors incorrectly (I hold them the way a left-handed person would but with my right hand. I don't know why!). I lumped Sketchup into the same category as my sad, sad past endeavors at creating art during my childhood.

Lo and behold, Sketchup is blessedly user-friendly! Now, granted, some natural talent is needed to make anything truly astounding, and I strongly doubt that I'll ever be classified in that category. It is, though, gratifying to learn that I can use the program to make some simple props for myself.

Over the past few months working with iClone and soaking in the knowledge of my truly artistic co-host, Wolf, as well as other poweruser iCloners, I have noticed that I'm looking at props/sets/the real world a little differently. And, my friends, let me tell you - it's all about SHAPES! I know, it's taken me a ridiculously long time to come to this realization, but that simple statement speaks volumes. SHAPES. I discounted geometry when I was student as I never had a knack for it. I loved algebra but could not get a handle on geometry. I could not visualize the lines on the paper as a 3d object. Oh, how I wish I had a program like Sketchup back then! I've had eureka moments just making cubes & cylinders in Sketchup.

Because of working with materials in iClone, over the summer I found myself becoming more and more obsessed with textures. It was an entirely new method of observation. Now I've compounded that worldview with searching for the shapes in the composition of everyday objects; and while the person standing in line behind me at the grocery store might not find my fascination with the design of the cash register equally stimulating, I trust that some of you can relate to what I'm experiencing.


You'll have to excuse me now, as I have just gotten distracted by the varying shapes making up my Blue Snowball microphone.....


Cathy said...

Glad to hear you finally tried Sketch-up! I love it and it really makes 3D so easy!


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