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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I'm Looking Forward to the Most in iClone4

There are multiple amazing, amazing features coming with iClone4, but the one I am looking forward to the most is the Real-Time 3D Facial Animation. Many of the other enhancements coming with Ver.4 are going to be exciting to play with (don't get me wrong, I WANT them ALL!!!), but I think this is the one I'll use the most often.

Real-Time 3D Facial Animation is going to deeply enhance my dialogue-driven storylines - not only will I be able to puppeteer a character as they are speaking, I will also be able to puppeteer the reactions of non-speaking characters.

I have spent so much time in CrazyTalk5 creating scripts to import into iClone3 to animate dialogue - but being able to do all of this right within iClone4 while I'm working on a scene is going to be such a pleasure and will bring the visible emotion of my characters to a higher level. Take a look:


Cathy said...

This looks totally amazing. A very exciting feature indeed! Thanks for posting!

Overman said...

Indeed. The integration of these two tools was a masterstroke.

Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Do you know if there's going to be a more direct route for creating idle facial animations / reaction shots? I may have missed something but in the latest crazy talk I seem to need to upload a 'silent' wav file to be able to use the emotes for these. Iclone is heading in a very interesting direction, can't wait to see the interesting new crop of movies that arise:) -Kate

Dulci said...

Kate - in iClone4, you won't need to have a silent wav file to use emotes - you will be able to puppeteer facial expressions on any character, whether they have a sound file attached or not. That's part of why I'm so excited :)

Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Seems like a really good move :) -Kate

sisch said...

This is very exciting! We can go emotion-crazy! :) I wonder if that will mean you won't need Crazy Talk any longer, though?

Richard Grove said...

Yep, sure going to improve an already good program. Smart move to combine the two tools. I'm looking forward to testing it out very soon. Thanks for the post, Dulci.

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