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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from Siggraph

Details of the iClone4 preview I attended can be found here, and the demo videos provided by Reallusion thus far are as follows:

iClone4 - Drag & Drop Editing Video
iClone4 - Transition Curve Video
iClone4 - Video Texture as Image Layer Video
iClone4 - Motion Path with HDR Video

I had such an enjoyable time at Siggraph. What fun to meet my radio partner Wolf in the flesh (and relieved to discover that yes, he is a person and not a howling beast), along with Rainman of CoolClones, Lizard of TMUnderground, John Martin with Reallusion, James Martin with Reallusion (iClone training), Charles Chen with Reallusion (an incredibly gracious and welcoming host), and CloneBot Zack. I also had the opportunity to meet the talented Ricky Grove.

These kinds of experiences really make me feel that I'm part of a community of like-minded creative individuals who are enthused and energized to be delving into ever-changing technologies and seizing the seemingly endless advancements as opportunities to strengthen and give life to their imaginations. What an exciting time we live in!

One exhibit in particular stood out to me - iPi Soft is a markerless motion capture system that can work with your webcam. I downloaded the 30-day trial and now need to figure out how to work it - the interface looks fairly intuitive once you get the basics down. I think it's a 2-person operation so I'm waiting to grab a volunteer to push some buttons for me while I prance around my office. I'll let you know how it goes!

All in all, I'm feeling newly motivated to dive deeper into machinima / animation. I am spending the time between now and the release of iClone4 (hopefully sometime in September) creating sets and writing scripts. Stay tuned!


Cathy said...

Welcome Home! Sounds like it was a fantastic trip! How cool to meet all those great folks.

Thanks for the video links as well. iC4 looks to be very exciting.

Richard Grove said...

I was wonderful to meet you, too, Dulci. I share your excitement about meeting members of the community who share your passion for machinima. I was also impressed with your ability to drink martinis.

I'm working with ipi Soft for a full review of their markerless motion capture software along with an article on their company. Once I get all of my info/media sorted out, I'll post about ipi in greater detail. One thing I was thrilled at was the fact that ipi exports the Source file type natively. Meaning this software can be used to create motion clips for Half Life 2. The CEO told me that he did this because he loved Half Life 2 so much.

I'm also hyped up and motivated too. I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day.

So great to see you and Wolf!

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