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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two MUST SEE Machinima Movies

Sisch's version of Kate Lee's The Afflicted is truly a masterpiece. Created primarily with Moviestorm, she takes us to a future sans emotion, and yet the layers of emotion that she uses to paint the story are rich and diverse. Stupendous work with a beautiful soundtrack and exceptional voiceactors. Sisch once again shows us how it is done.

The year is 51 PD (Post Disaster).

Thanks to having been changed by genetic engineering, mankind is on a fast recovery from the devastation. But what are the consequences of the change?

For the love of Sprog! by John Martin II
is a delightful excursion with fanciful, charming creatures. Crafted with iClone, James envelops us in a sensory extravaganza. This is such an enjoyable watch...everything fits together, from the fanciful music, to the wonderful particle effects, the enveloping environment, the delightful interplay, and every little wiggle, jiggle, and bounce is just utterly charming.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back and push play on this double feature.


Richard Grove said...

Man, what a great double-feature! Lots of fun. Thanks for the post, Dulci.

Cathy said...

Both of these films are superb! I watched them both in HD over at Vimeo and I was blown away! Thanks fore the share!

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