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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The One Where We Chastise Listeners - June 8 Show Download

The June 8th Wolf & Dulci Hour is now available for download here.

In it, we discuss the results of the 3d Building Block Competition. The gorgeous ethereal castle by Gizmo was the grand prize winner. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

We also discussed The Panffarrounic Call 3D by MiGorjao, Galaxy at War by Chris62 and CT Test by MarvellousGuppi.

Of course, I grilled Wolf a bit about the teaser just released for Strife, which the CoolCreators promise to have ready for release in August.

We talked a bit about CloneCloth3 and the other clothing options available to iCloners.

And, in the midst of all that, we managed to toss in a Stump the Wolf! question, an exclusive Wolf & Dulci content freebie, a fun commercial break with user-created commercials, and have a general old jolly good time.

Thanks as always to our hardcore chatroom crew and our behind-the-scenes puppet master Ken, and our apologizes to those who live in timezones that don't make catching the show optimal.


BiggsTrek said...

Consider me chastised... but just remember, I say ZED.


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