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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who says there are no machinima reviewers?

Recently I had the opportunity to watch two movies centered on reviewing machinima movies. Both these movies contain some adult content, so consider yourself forewarned.

Sixys Super Sexy Movie Reviews is HILARIOUS, informative, entertaining, and hey! it reviews one of my movies - I Will Not Speak of It. Also reviewed are O The Ocean by thebiz, Odyssey by Killian, and Shark Attack 2 by Chris62. I highly highly highly recommend watching this flick. Really. It's just plain fun!

The Big News March Top 5 was produced by ACFirehead and reviews the following movies:

Empty Vessel by Greenglades

Clockwork by Iceaxe

Whitefish by thebiz

The Grey People Chapter 1 by Moonlight Pictures


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