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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks for listening!

Thanks to everyone who listened! We will let you know when the download is availabe, but topics covered included:

*A comparison of iClone3 EX, iClone3 Standard, and iclone3 Pro ( )
*A discussion of the Biosphere Pack ( )
*The current special offer that includes the Biosphere Pack, Nature Builder Gardening Pack, and Earth Sculptor Application program
*(A look at Life's Journey by Duchess
*Stump The Wolf (I count him as being half-stumped this time around)
*And commercials for Lizard's Coming Home, the Pinhead competition, Allpoint's upcoming Soulking, and a song by GoofParade.

PLUS a special exclusive freebie given to live listeners participating in the chatroom.


HatHead said...

...also, Wolf:

"I look forward to being humbled."

LMAO - most fav line in a long time!

HatHead said...

I don't see my first post...

I am enjoying your podcasts - very informative!

Dulci said...

He will be humbled...oh yes...he WILL be humbled....

Glad you're enjoying the show :) I appreciate the feedback!

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