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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lounge Singer 2009 Released

The Lounge Singer from Dulci on Vimeo.

The lounge singer has a secret admirer. How far will his obsession take him?

This is a reimagining of a movie I made in 2003 using TheMovies. Dedicated to all the fans of the original who inspired me to take on the project one more time.

I am of course not 100% happy with the final outcome (I never am), but I hope that it comes clearly across as a labor of love.

Made primarily with iclone3, with just a tiny dash of TheMovies. Edited with VideoStudio12.

All singing done by yours truly (one duet with Sparky).

Featuring MefuneAkira as Hank, Nahton as Christian, Sparky as Adam, and Dulci as Lora.


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