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Monday, April 27, 2009

5 hours til showtime - set your watches!

Tonight's Wolf & Dulci hour looks to be an active one.

Wolf & I were just chatting about how we suddenly exploded with material we want to discuss this evening.

In addition to the start of our new "I bought iClone, now what?" series, we will be chatting about two movies that were released this weekend - fantastic movies I might add. But more of my flamboyant ravings to come live on air tonight.

Also be sure to listen for the "super, secret download code" for your exclusive Wolf & Dulci freebie content - which for tonight's show will be a parking lot prop/set for use in iClone.

I confess to laughing more than usual when putting together the intro for the show, and I think you'll understand why when you hear it. Excuse me a second while I get my giggle fit out of the way now....

And as always we have a Stump the Wolf! question lined up. The general consensus is that he was half-stumped last week, so I suspect he'll be that much more anxious to give us proper information.

And hey, our promo video promises general frivolity, so what more could you ask for in 1 hour?

Listen live and join the chat room by clicking here at the appropriate time (9pm-10pm CST).


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