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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reimagining an oldie

I'm reworking one of my oldest movies and it's been a fascinating project.

Initially I thought I would split out the audio from the original and use that with new footage, but my voiceover quality is so poor (it was one of my first VO roles) that it began distracting me. I do love my new snowball mic.

I've spent about 20 hours total so far on the first minute. That does include time spent setting up the location, props, characters, costumes, etc.

Iclone has been an amazing tool for getting everything organized. Sketchup warehouse led me to the PERFECT set.

I found my dream costume for the main character at

The funnest part thus far has been setting up the animations. Now, I've not delved into the world of creating my own animations, but I have learned how to break up existing animations to pull just the portion I want to use, move animations around on the timeline, set up multiple characters to be doing various animations at the same time, and goodies of that sort.

I have no anticipated date of release yet, as this is very much a labor of love.


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